More and more people are turning to a Paleo based diet to not only help alleviate pre-existing conditions but also as a preventive measure. As I personally journey into the recovery of a condition called Leaky Gut, also known as, “Intestinal permeability” ... I decided to share some of my personal recipes that are Auto Immune Protocol compliant.

Those on the Auto Immune Protocol diet, an extremely restrictive diet, have already usually been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, cancer, and/or leaky gut. Leaky gut as well, as AI diseases, can cause inflammation in not only in the intestines, but also in the liver, colon, and thyroid as well as the brain. Though research is still being done, some researchers believe that left untreated, "leaky gut", can turn into other auto immunes diseases and even cancer. Since, it is hard to detect alot of people only disccover that they have leaky gut once other auto immune diseases and/or cancer are already previlant.

I have now been on the diet for a little over a month. It is the hardest diet I have ever been on. Emotionally, it definitely rocked me to the core. I would be lying if I said that it didn’t make me cry, on SEVERAL occasions. With no caffeine, no dairy, no eggs, no soy, no grains, no shade vegetables, no beans and/or legumes, no fungi, no sweeteners, no spices, no gluten compounds, no chemicals, no preservatives, and only a short list of low glycemic fruits allowed; it was quite an adjustment for my system. I went into full on withdrawal/detox mode. Any of the foods on the do not eat list make me extremely sick. So, cheating was not really an option. I have always been a very healthy eater to begin with. So, I cannot even imagine what it does to someone that ate junk food, or sweets, bread, and/or a lot of processed foods.

When dealing with autoimmune issues, simple things like getting out of bed and/or staying out of bed for more than a couple hours at a time can be quite challenging. So, to add a super restrictive diet to an already restrictive lifestyle can be daunting and highly frustrating. As I already cooked 99% of my meals myself; I realized that I had a huge advantage and could possibly use my experience to help others through the process.

My solution-geared personality launched me into full research mode. Every waking moment, I read anything and everything I could get my hands on from doctors and science to other peoples own personal experiences. My Auto Immune Protocol compliant recipes are a compellation of my research to find the best foods to help aid this process along and help you absorb as much of the nutrients from your food as possible. All Auto Immune Protocol recipes will be labeled AIP Compliant for your convenience.

I hope that you enjoy the recipes included. Whether you are going through AIP yourself or are just trying to eat healthier; there awill be recipes for everyone.

If I can help make even one person’s life to be a little easier and/or better and/or inspire even one peoples to eat healthier than my own personal pain and suffering will not have been in vain.

We always have choice... We can let the trails we face leave us bitter or make us better.