Coconut Amino Acids have quickly become the peanut butter to my jelly. Well, minus the peanut butter and the jelly and the bread... the proverbial Paleo friendly peanut butter and jelly.

I am always on the hunt for new, good quality, health improving products. If something tastes good on top of it, that’s just the paleo icing on the cake. In all honesty, I can find ways to make pretty much anything taste good; If I know that it can help my health and wellbeing. But, I did have not had to rack my brain one bit with these coconut amino acids. Coconut Amino's taste good on virtually EVERYTHING.

I can not possibly say enough good about this new yumminess of a sauce. Coconut Amino Acids, have made a lot of success recently as a replacement for soy sauce. But in full disclosure, it tastes NOTHING like soy. I would say that it’s closer in taste to a Hawaiian Poké sauce. I'm not even sure why the two are even compared. It is slightly sweet while also being savory, with a low glycemic index and 0 sugar. I have been using it in my meat/fish marinades, on my baked chips, salads, and even on my sushi. It is soooo good with sushi.

Aside from, being Gluten Free and Soy Free, these coconut amino acids are full of minerals, and vitamins such as B and C. It is said to be virtually neutral in PH. Coconut Amino Acids also boast 14 times MORE amino acids than soy; Containing a total of 17 different types of amino acids.

Amino Acids are, “building blocks of protein,” and henceforth are essential to optional health and nutrition. They can help to restore and rebuild muscle tissue, enhance brain and nervous system functionality, and can even boost the immune system as well as increasing energy levels. I have even read that Coconut Amino Acids are 14 times more abundant than soy in natural occurring Glutamic Acid.

Simplified, Coconut Amino Acids are the sap of a coconut tree, or juice from coconut blossoms. The amino acids, are dried in the sun to evaporate, and/or can be fermented.

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