Since beginning my whole Bone Broth love affair I have been searching for the best way to store extra broth. Now, unless I am having bone broth, and only bone broth all day every day, there is aboslutely no way I am going to go through a pot in 3-4 days.

First off, I hate wasting food. Second of all, even with a pressure cooker it still takes 3-5 hours to make a perfect broth. How many people actually have extra time to waste? Not me. That's for chessy.

So, since I like to not only drink broth straight-- I also use it in soups and marinades-- I became determined to find the most efficient and safest way to store unused broth. This way I could always have some handy.

I didn't want to use plastic bags. There isnt really a safe way, that I know of at least, to defrost the frozen broth while in plastic bags without releasing chemicals into the broth or leaking broth all over the place. So, I thought of maybe using an ice cube tray. But, all of a sudden I could almost imagine myself sitting on the kitchen floor banging the trays trying to get my broth cubes out of the cube tray. I'd be kicked out of apartment with no home and no broth. So that was out. Then, I thought maybe mason jars could be an option. But, all of a sudden I remembered my mom telling me not to freeze glass when I was younger because it could explode. Cleaning up shards of glass, all over the kitchen and freezer, is not my idea of a good time. So, that was out. Then all of sudden, I remembered the silicone baking trays that I had bought to make mini brownie bites. If I could freeze the broth into silicone tray, with one serving per cube, and then put them in plastic bags... the cubes wouldn't freeze together and I would have pre separated serving batches. I felt like I was winning at life that day. I hit up amazon. With my prime shipping, I was experimenting that night!

I found sicilone trays that were big enough that each sqaure would be a little over one lapel spoon, which is one serving.

It worked! After the cubes were frozen, I could easily pop them out, and put in zip lock bags! So now, when I want to some bone broth I just take a cube out of the zip lock bag, and heat it up in pot over the stove!

Here is the link if you want to use the same tray for your bone broth.

Each order comes with two trays. So, when you order two you get four trays. Four trays in the perfect amount for a full pot of bone broth. I laid each tray down flat on a freezer shelf for about six hours. All four of these trays took up one shelf in my freezer. You can lay them flat on a cookie tray, if it fits in your freezer, as well. Once the cubes were fully frozen and this is an important step so that your cubes do not stick together once they are combined into a zip lock. I used one large zip lock bag for each tray of cubes. So, I have 6 servings per bag.

Bone broth freezers, coming to a house near you!