Want to grow your hair faster, thicker, shiner, and healthier looking without chemicals or huge price tags--use CASTOR OIL!!!!

It's chemical free. It's cheap. And most importantly; IT WORKS!

Now, there are countless benefits and uses for Castor Oil that I. I wanted to share specifically about its benefits in terms of hair, today. I know this is an issue for a lot of people and companies charge hundred of dollars on products that are full of chemicals. Not to mention a lot of them don't work. Obvi, a good multi vitamin will help and this will not replace your need to get the nutrients necessary for a healthy funcitoning body. It will, however, be a great addition. I did start to see results before my body was nutriently correct in all honesty.

So, I fell upon this randomly as I was researching castor oil. See, several doctors and friends had continuously advised that I try doing Caster oil packs over my liver to help me sleep at night. I was a little weary since I had tried everyyyy thing. Okay full transparency, I wasn't as much weary as I was not wanting to try it cause I had heard that they were messy and that it gets everywhere and stains and is super sticky.

Since, I trusted these doctors so much I decided to try, after months of avoiding it ofcourse #stubborn. It worked! It worked so well for me that I began to research and to try to understand more. And P.S. it wasn't sticky or messy at all in a castor oil pack context.

Once I started researching, I found that so many girls were raving and swearing about its usage for thicker, fuller, healthier hair. I've been losing a nice amount of hair this year every time I wash it and was a little self conscious about it, as you can image. Plus, my hair kept breaking off on the ends so much so that both sides would be different lengths. Not to mention, split ends! Sooo many split ends. I mean, lets talk about sexy here. Lol.

So, I decided to try it to see if it worked. Now I wash my hair every couple days so I decided to do it for a week with every wash and see if I saw a difference. Most users swore they saw a difference after one time.

So, I put some pure castor oil (I got mine at whole foods) on my finger tips and massaged it into my scalp. I did about 4 applications to fully cover my scalp. Then I took a flat brush and brushed my scalp and then through my hair; to make sure to thoroughly cover my scalp. Lastly, I put it on the ends of my hair, too. I put my hair up in a bun on top of my head and left it in over night. Then, washed it in the morning. I was actually super surprised to see a difference after just one time. So, I kept going.

I went to the hair dresser a couple weeks later and wanted to see if my hair dresser said anything about my hair before I told her. She told me that my hair looked better and to keep doing whatever I was doing. Of course, I shared with her what I was doing after thatttt! I've continued to do it with every wash for a month; as a lot of the other girls I had seen advised. Now, I just do it once a week to upkeep.

This was such a great find for me that I just had to share it with you guys.

Until the next post...