These tortillas are one of my fav new additions to my diet. I wanted to make something that was grain free. In addition, to being dairy and nut free. Anyone who has been following me knows that I love love love to come up with delicious alternatives to not so healthy foods. After all, my desire to help make healthy, easy, yummies accessible to everyone is why I started blogging and instagraming in the first place.

These are not only Paleo, they are one step further; and AIP compliant as well. (AKA Auto Immune Protocol Diet). I wasn’t expecting to like these soooooo much. I had seen people using plantains for breads and thought it was interesting and wanted to try and play with them. It sent me on a quest to make the plantain tortilla. My Achilles heal is corn tortillas. Which aren’t so great for you. These, however, taste wayyy better. Funny how that works. They taste soooo yums I ate half of the first batch, straight out of the oven. Lol.

You can cook these longer to make tostadas. Or use them as a base for a little fruit tarts or lather some chococolate or nutella on them I even made some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with these for friends.

Either way, these are epic! Even if you aren’t Paleo. This here is an amazing addition. It has no preservatives or additives, no grains, no dairy, no sweetners, no nuts, no soy etc. Just 5 simple ingrediants and alot of yums!



Food processor

Cookie Sheet

Parchment Paper


3 green plantains (medium sized)

2 cusp alkaline water

6 5 grams coconut oil

1/4 cup arrowroot flour

1 tsp salt


  1. Preheat oven to 450*. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper.

  2. Peel the Green Plantains (make sure they are green and not turning yellow this is crucial) and slice them. Try to slice them as thin as possible. Tip for peeling plantains... I make a deep line down the plantain with a knife. Then another one about an inch away. Then, I can peel out that line and use my thumb to get under and arund the rest of the skin. This makes it way easier.

  3. Add the water, coconut oil, salt, into your food processor and then add the plantain slices lastly. Pulse until it becomes a smooth yet thick consistency; like thick mashed potatoes. If it's too thin it won't bind together properly for a proper tortilla and will end up being more like a pancake. I find using the pulse option for the first 30 seconds follwed by blending it on high to be the most effective.

  4. Scoop a heaping spoonful of batter onto one of your parchment sheets. Spread it with the back end of the spoon in a circular motion until a thin but covered circle is formed to the size of your liking. I do about 6 per sheet. You can make three big ones if you prefer.

  5. Place your baking sheets in the pre-heated oven. Set a timer for 8-14 minutes. Check for when the edges start turn up slightly. It may take longer with some ovens. Carefully flip the tortilla and bake another 10 minutes. You can leave then longer if you like them even crunchier. Just keep an eye on them. I leave them until almost all the moisture is gone.

  6. I like to make extra and store them in the freezer. I broil them on high for about 5-10 when I want a fresh once. You can also reheat in a skillet.