Coconut Kefir is a fermented coconut water drink. This probiotic drink, is said to contain highly benefical organisms of bacteria (aka flora) that help to promote digestion, and overall gut health. In addition, it can help to cleanse the liver, boost the immune system, and can even help to enchance the brain and mood. Said to be more potent than yogurt; Coconut Kefir helps to restore the balance of micro flora in the body. It also contains high levels of minerals which can help in restoring energy levels.

Beware, though... side effects can include reduced sugar cravings. So, if you want to stay unhealthy this might not be the proper bubbly for you.

I like to use Water Kefir grains by Cultures for Health. [KIFER GRAINS ON AMAZON]


1 Large Mason Jar with lid
4 small mason jars or bottles
Machete or Sharp Knife


5 Young Thai Coconuts (All coconuts contain varying water. You may need more and/or less)
1 Box of Kefir Grains


  1. Begin, by cracking open each of your coconuts. I like to make a fairly large square that covers most of the top of the coconut. This makes it easier to scoop out all of the coconut meat.

  2. Drain your coconuts into your large mason jar by turning them upside down; letting all the coconut water out. Leave room at the top of the jar to avoid overflow when done. This also allows room for the bubbles that will form in the carbonation process.

  3. Pour your Kefir grains into your large mason jar and seal it shut.

  4. Store your jar in a dark cool place. Allow it sit for 24-72 hours. When the bubbles begin to form, your kefir is ready. I like about medium strength. So, I let it sit a little less than 48 hours. Feel free to start tasting it after 24 hours.

  5. Once your kefir is ready, you are ready to pour it into your smaller jars. Leave about an 1/8 of liquid to keep to make your next batch. I highly recommend opening your kefir jar over the sink. Sometimes the bubbles and pressure created during fermentation can cause it to fizz and/or overflow when you open it. Seal your jars shut, refrigerate, and enjoy at your leisure.

  6. I like to start my next batch once a batch is ready. You can also play with different kefir flavors by fermenting it with different fruit. If you do this, it is advised to switch out the fruit every 24 hours during the fermenting promise. I like to use strawberries sometimes as it gives it a slightly sweet strawberry taste.


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