Coconut yogurt is said to be highly beneficial in maintaining the health of the gut; as well, as the restoration of the gut. Combining two powerful antidotes, coconuts and probiotics, can aid in the process of restoring good flora to your intestines. It is also a great way to help improve your digestion. In France, where I was born, it is customary to eat a yogurt after a meal for this very reason.

I highly recommend adding coconut yogurt to your diet; especially if you are dealing with digestion and/or auto immune issues. It has been instrumental, for me personally, in getting me through auto immune issues and a condition called, "leaky gut." Each person will probably enjoy their yogurt a little definitely. So, the amazing thing about making it your own yogurt is that you get to customize it to your own liking. Keep inmind, that the longer you ferment the yogurt the more sour it will taste.

You can also feel free to add fruit, for flavoring. I personally, like to make mine plain and then add some Paleo Coconut flakes (made by: Julian Bakery) [PALEO FLAKES LINKS] and fresh berries. The Paleo flakes are a little pricey but they are sooooo delicious. Plus, they are chemical and preservative free. If you are following an Auto Immune Protocol it is the only cereal currently on the market that is AIP compliant. You can find them at Whole Foods, and online.

Also, you can use any yogurt maker to make this recipe. I personally recommend the Euro Cuisine YM100. It is easy to use, and reasonably priced. I use the middle priced style because it shuts off by itself. It was about $39 on Amazon. [AMAZON YOGURT MAKER LINK] The one that does not have an automatic shut off was $19. Walmart carries it, as well. [WALMART YOGURT MAKER LINK] I like using Amazon, when I can, especially since I have investe in a Prime account as there is usually free fast shipping and easy returns if you are not happy with the product. Feel free to use a pressure cooker, if you have one and/or other yogurt makers. You might have to adjust a few steps to recipe. But, it will still be as finger licking good.




Vitamix Good Knife to Open Coconuts/Machete Large Bowl Metal Spoon Yogurt Maker


4 Fresh Young Thai Coconuts 1 1/3 cups fresh coconut water 1 Tablespoon Organic First Press Unrefined Coconut Oil 8 Probiotic Capsules 16 drops of vanilla extract 8 Tablespoons Organic Coconut Sugar *Optional


  1. Begin, by cracking open each of your coconuts. I like to make a fairly large 4 sliced square that covers most of the top of the coconut. This makes it easier to scoop out all of the coconut meat.

  2. Drain your coconuts one by one in a large bowl by turning them upside down; letting all the coconut water out.

  3. With a large metal spoon, scoop out the coconut meat and place it in your Vitamix.

  4. Blend 1 1/3 cups of the coconut water with the coconut meat until blended thoroughly. I advise using ½ a cup of the coconut water, at time. Ideally its constancy will be slightly thinner than a milkshake. Since no two coconuts have exactly the same amount of meat in them the amount of coconut water needed may slightly vary. You can add or subtract coconut water to adjust the consistency to your own liking. Please note though, that it will get thicker in the fermenting process.

  5. (OPTIONAL) Add 8 tablespoons of coconut sugar. It may seem like a lot. However, in the fermentation process the sugar helps speed up fermentation. It is fuel for fermenting, so to speak. So, YOU won’t actually have as much sugar content in the yogurt as you would if you add the sugar after the fermentation. But, it will make it slightly sweeter.

  6. Once blended. Pour your mixture into your glass yogurt containers. I fill them ¾ of the way since they expand during the fermenting process.

  7. Add one probiotic capsule to each yogurt by opening them by hand and dumping them in each glass..

  8. Add two drops of vanilla extract to each yogurt. Mix the probiotics nd vanilla extract into each yogurt thoroughly and then seal by adding the lid.

  9. Now, you are ready to ferment. I like my yogurt on the tangy sour side so I leave them for about 20 hours (with no sugar). If you like them less tangy I would recommend about 15 hours. (with no sugar).

  10. Once they are ready. Refrigerate them and eat at your leisure. I would not leave them more than a week in the fridge as they will continue to ferment. Refrigeration slows down the fermenting process drastically. However, it does not halt it.


I am not a Doctor. This website is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, and/or prevent any disease. The opinions expressed here, within this website, are derived only from my own personal experience and/or research. Please consult your doctor before making changes to your diet.